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Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XX

Full Tilt Pokerís FTOPS XX

August of 2006 brought the first ever Full Tilt Online Poker Series. That first event had a guaranteed prize pool combination of just over $1 Million. Almost five years has passed since that time and, now, FTOPS XX is upon us with a total of 45 events and a total guarantee of $38 Million.

The FTOPS XX is Ready to Get Underway

FTOPS XX kicks off on April 17th and will host tournaments for every poker discipline on their website. Each event will be hosted by a Full Tilt pro. Buy in for the events range from $109 all the way up to $2,100. In addition, there will be numerous multi-entry events spread throughout the schedule. Some of these events include limit holdem, 7 card stud, pot limit Omaha, and even a 10 Game multi-entry tournament. For those that enjoy Rush Poker tournaments, FTOPS XX will offer you several options in Rush Poker events, including Rush no limit holdem with re-buys, Rush no limit super turbo, and s pot limit Omaha hi lo Rush poker event.

The ever popular event lasts for two days and will kick off on April 30th and will feature NL Hold'em with antes from the start of the event. The buy-in for this event is $2,100 and the tournament has a guarantee of $2.5 Million. In total, there are 13 events this year carrying a prize pool of over $1 Million. This event has definitely come a long way since 2006.

The Main Event

The Main Event of FTOPS XX is on May 1st and is a $640 no limit holdem multi-entry event. This event has a guaranteed prize pool of $7.5 Million. The Main Event will easily be the largest guaranteed prize pool in the history of FTOPS. With multi-entries, it is entirely possible to cash multiple times in this event.

The "Bouncebackability" freeroll will make a return to FTOPS XX. If you finish on the bubble in any FTOPS event, you can compete in this freeroll where you can win yourself a seat in the FTOPS XX Main Event. The freeroll will be held on May 7th.


If you cannot afford the buy in associated with the FTOPS events, don't worry as there will also be MiniFTOPS events that will allow you to play in the same events, but at 1/10th of the buy-in of the other events. If you can do well in one of these events, you can potentially parlay your winnings into a larger FTOPS event, and who knows where you can go? The schedule for the MiniFTOPS events are still being created, but will be posted on Full Tilt at a later date.


For those looking to win your way into an FTOPS event, Full Tilt is holding satellite events for each event. These will be offered in multi-table format and single table satellites. You can also try and win your way to an FTOPS event via step satellites. Winning a Step 5 event can get you a $216 entry. A Step 6 can win you a $640 Main Event seat, and a Step 7 can win you an entry into the $2,100 Two-Day Event.

FTOPS XX is promising to be one of the largest online poker events in history. To find out more, check out the FTOPS XX page at Full Tilt Poker. If you do not have a Full Tilt Poker account yet, go to the Full Tilt Poker Download page HERE and sign-up today. Soon you can be taking part in one of the largest online poker events ever.

Here is the complete FTOPS XX schedule of events. Alternatively, you can view the schedule at Full Tilt Poker HERE.

FTOPS XIX Schedule
Sun. 4/17 17:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem
Mon. 4/18 14:00 ET
$200+$16 PL Omaha Hi
Mon. 4/18 17:00 ET
$200+$16 Limit Holdem Rush
Mon. 4/18 21:00 ET
$1,000+$60 NL Holdem 6-Max
Tues. 4/19 17:00 ET
$300+$22 NL Holdem 6-Max
Tues. 4/19 21:00 Et
$200+$16 HORSE
Wed. 4/20 14:00 ET
$500+$35 NL 2-7 Single
Wed. 4/20 17:00 ET
$200+$16 PL Omaha Hi/Lo
Wed. 4/20 21:00 ET
$100+$9 NL Holdem 6-Max
Thu. 4/21 14:00 ET
$300+$22 7-Game
Thu. 4/21 17:00 ET
$207+$9 NL Holdem Rush
Thu. 4/21 21:00 ET
$200+$16 7-Stud
Fri. 4/22 14:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem 6-max
Fri. 4/22 17:00 ET
$310+$12 NL Holdem Turbo
Fri. 4/22 21:00 ET
$200+$16 Omaha Hi/Lo
Sat. 4/23 14:00 ET
$500+$35 PL Omaha 6-Max
Sat. 4/23 16:00 ET
$100+$9 NL Holdem Rebuy
Sat. 4/23 17:00 ET
$10,000+$300 NL Holdem HU
Sat. 4/23 18:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem Rush
Sat. 4/23 21:00 ET
$300+$22 2-7 Triple 6-Max
Sun. 4/24 14:00 ET
$120+$9 NL Holdem K.O.
Sun. 4/24 16:00 ET
$150+$13 NL Holdem Rebuy
Sun. 4/24 17:00 ET
$300+$22 NL Holdem
Mon. 4/25 14:00 ET
$200+$16 PL Omaha
Mon. 4/25 17:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem Rush
Mon. 4/25 21:00 ET
$1,000+$60 NL Holdem
Tue. 4/26 14:00 ET
$100+$9 PL Omaha Rebuy
Tue. 4/26 17:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem Cashout
Tue. 4/26 21:00 ET
$1,000+$60 10-Game
Wed. 4/27 14:00 ET
$500+$35 PL Omaha HU
Wed. 4/27 17:00 ET
$300+$22 NL Holdem Rush
Wed. 4/27 21:00 ET
$300+$22 NL Holdem Rebuy
Thu. 4/28 14:00 ET
$200+$16 PL HA Multi-Entry
Thu. 4/28 17:00 ET
$500+$35 NL Holdem 3x
Thu. 4/28 21:00 ET
$200+$16 7-Stud Hi/Lo
Fri. 4/29 14:00 ET
$200+$16 NL Holdem Rush
Fri. 4/29 17:00 ET
$515+$20 NL Holdem Turbo
Fri. 4/29 21:00 ET
$300+$22 Razz
Sat. 4/30 14:00 ET
$2,000+$100 NL Holdem
Sat. 4/30 16:00 ET
$100+$9 NL Holdem Rush
Sat. 4/30 17:00 ET
$500+$35 NL Holdem HU
Sat. 4/30 21:00 ET
$200+$16 Badugi Limit
Mon. 5/1 14:00 ET
$240+$16 NL Holdem 6-Max
Mon. 5/1 17:00 ET
$600+$40 NL Holdem Multi


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