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This is the public freeroll schedule, to see the private tournament schedule go HERE. This freeroll list is updated in real time and includes all sites listed at Online Poker Ads plus a few more. If you don't have an account at any room you would like to play a freeroll at just click the link under the room column to sign up and start playing free poker, good luck.

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Freeroll Overview
For many players the best way to start their bankroll is to participate in freeroll tournaments. Nearly every poker site offers freeroll games. Freerolls differ in prize pools of cash or other prizes, but there are still hundreds or even thousands of players waiting to play them. Playing in freerolls also offers a chance to improve your skills while you earn money.

So basically, the real prize in playing freeroll tournaments is the new experience, which used later may give you a huge advantage over other players therefore leading to much bigger prize pools. So keep that in mind while playing and I'm sure that you will eventually start to cash in every freeroll or buy in tournament you play.

Freeroll Strategies

Player Types

1) Freeroll Maniac: This type of a player plays in every freeroll they can no matter what time it is or what site, they'll be there. You should be prepared for these types of players. This type of player ussually tries to accumulate as many chips as they can in the early stages of the tournament by playing very loose because they know that theres another freeroll coming up soon so they don't really use any other strategy.

2) Beginners: This type of player is participating in freerolls to actually improve their poker skills. They try different strategies, learn how to read other players but are overall very easy to spot and to take advantage of. Although they have very good intentions, they will usually lose focus near the middle stages of the tounament and wind up making alot of mistakes. They mostly want to become better players and use freeroll tournaments to gain experience.

3) Party Players: These players are playing only to have a fun. You will never be able to guess their real intentions or the cards they have due to the fact that they aern't trying to use any strategy whatsoever. However, it is quite easy to say that they play only for pleasure and not to earn the money so to each his own. You can easliy spot these players by watching their moves and listening to them, because usually they have a lot to talk about in the chat box. Be careful because although they do not play seriously, they can eliminate you from the game quite easily when they actually catch cards.

More About Freerolls

One dangerous thing about playing freerolls lies in the fact that you learn tricks that you would not use in a real game. You should know that in a real game you would not be able to earn as much as it was possible to earn playing freerolls. That is why you should be disciplinated. In this way, you can additionally train your patience and other useful skills.

I've always thought that playing freerolls offers great training for beginners. Try to play as if it would be a game with an entrance fee; in this way you will pay more attention to not loose money invested. You may also experiment. You can do whatever you want- it is your game.

Freeroll tournaments are a good opportunity to gain some experience and with some luck even to increase your bankroll. You may also learn how to keep your emotions cool and how to bluff. Everything really depends on your individual situation and what your trying to get out of playing a freeroll.

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