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Taking Notes In Poker

Taking Notes On Your Opponents

In today's age of online poker a large percentage of poker players use tracking software such as Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker to aid them in their quest to get reads from their opponents and hopefully increase their winrates. Although these two particular pieces of software are excellent in their own right they cannot compete with taking detailed notes manually.

Taking notes seems to have become something of an art-form in recent years thanks, in part, to the different software available which can lead players to become lazy. While this software will pick up on a plethora of statistics it cannot spot things that a human can, such as timing tells, any clues they give away in the chat box and the fact they will not be able to help you while you play poker WSOP, where as you can take notes whenever you like whether you play online or live poker.

Many players do not take notes on their opponents simply because they do not know what to write down but in truth there are very few notes you could take that will not help you. Basically you want to be taking notes on anything that you think you could use at a later date should you meet this player again. Do they understand the power of position or do they play any hand regardless of where they are sat at the table. Are they a tight player or do they play rather loosely? How do they play draws, do they prefer to check-call or do they play them fast?

While taking notes is crucial you also need to ensure that the notes you are taking are accurate because having incorrect information is worse than having none at all, after all you are going to be using this information to help you make your decisions. If you spot something at the tables that you think is note-worthy then by all means take the note but be prepared to alter your notes if that particular note no longer seems valid. Also, make sure you make a note of the date you wrote the note and also in what game you saw this information because people will treat a $5 SNG completely different to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker 2011.

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