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No Limit Texas Holdem Pot Odds

What are pot odds?

Simply put, pot odds are what a player uses to calculate whether or not a hand has positive expected value. It is a ratio of the size of your bet compared to the number of those bets that are already in the pot. A good example would be, if the pot is $50 and your opponent bets $25 you are only getting 2 to 1 pot odds, the ratio would be 2:1.

How do I calculate pot odds?

The first part of calculating your pot odds is fairly easy, just divide the pot by the bet you are facing. Now you need to know whether your pot odds warrant a call/raise. To calculate this you will need to know your chance of winning the hand. To calculate your chance of winning the hand you need to know is how many outs you have and how many cards there are to come. You can refer to the table below for the basic percentages of your drawing hands or if you have trouble with that take a look at our list of recommended poker odds calculators HERE that should help you out more.

So what are good pot odds?

Knowing whether or not your pot odds are good enough for a call/raise is pretty simple. Basically your pot odds need to be higher than or equal to your chance of winning that hand. Heres a quick example: you have a 25% chance of winning the hand you are in therefore your pot odds will need to be 4:1 or greater in order to call or raise (e.g. calling a $5 bet when the pot is $20).

Drawing odds to outs table
Outs Turn % River %
20 67.5% 43.5%
19 65% 41.3%
18 62.4% 39.1%
17 59.8% 37%
16 57% 34.8%
15 54.1% 32.6%
14 51.2% 30.4%
13 48.1% 28.3%
12 45% 26.1%
11 41.7% 23.9%
10 38.4% 21.7%
9 35% 19.6%
8 31.5% 17.4%
7 27.8% 15.2%
6 24.1% 13%
5 20.4% 10.9%
4 16.5% 8.7%
3 12.5% 6.5%
2 8.4% 4.3%
1 4.3% 2.2%

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