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NL Texas Holdem Flop Texture Strategy

Flop Texture

Flop texture is an extremely important part of the game and one not understood, in depth, by many players in the low-mid stakes cash games online. This presents a quandary because you are never sure when you can use a positive flop texture to your advantage. So before you try and use flop texture to your advantage, make sure you have chosen an opponent who understands what it is you are trying to represent.


You are playing in a 100BB six-max cash poker game. The villain opens from the cutoff and you call on the button. Both blinds fold and the pair of you are left to view a flop of [Tc] [9s] [8s]. The cutoff c-bets.

What do you do next?

This is a great board for you to bluff-raise, or float, because it hits your pre flop calling range hard. Your calling range contains a high percentage of pocket pairs and suited connectors and so you could have easily hit a set or two-pair. But what if your opponent is not paying attention? Imagine if your opponent has [Ac] [9d] in this spot. They are weak and what you have has no real significance to them, so they are never going to fold. In this instance you are better of folding your bluffs and only proceeding with your hands of strength.

We hope you can see, in this example, how important board texture can be - only if facing the right opponent.

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