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Popularity of Video Poker Online

The Popularity of Online Video Poker

With video poker being invented less than forty years ago it is definitely a newer casino game being that many casino games date back more than 150 years. Many of the first slot machines date back to the late 1800's and alot of them did play on poker games but the first real video poker machines only date back less than forty years. In its short life span video poker has gained so much popularity that it can now be found in any and every land based casino and many online casinos are also starting to offer it as well.

With video poker now being offered online you can also find sites like showing you the best sites to play video poker at online as well as other sites based completely on video poker and playing video poker online. Another thing that is being noticed since video poker started to be offered online is the amount of new video poker games that are coming out on almost a daily basis. There are so many different varieties of the game that I won't even begin to count them but some of the top ones include jacks or better, deuces wild, and pick a pair.

With its popularity growing online you can also imagine that land based casinos are also noticing a spike in video poker play. I'm sure that video poker machine manufacturers like Bally and IGT video poker can hardly even keep up with the demand seeing that brick and mortar casinos really seem to like stuffing their casino floors full of video poker and slot machines.

Another big thing that is being noticed since video poker has gained do much popularity online is sites offering video poker strategy. At the time of writing I googled "video poker strategy" and was actually given nearly 15 million results. If that doesn't show that online video poker is gaining in popularity I don't know what will.

Now that were done talking about how popular the game of video poker has become online I'm sure that your wondering where you should go to play. To start we recommend that you check out the online poker room reviews at your left as most of them also offer video poker and we can personally vouch for them as we have both played there and done extensive research on each room. Another good thing to do to find a good place to play video poker online is to do some research yourself and just look into each online casino you might be interested in. Either way, have fun and good luck at the video poker machines!

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