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BankRoll Management
"Bankroll management"

Bankroll management is crucial to becoming a successful poker player. Without bankroll management skills, even the best players in the world can and will go broke. The following is a short list of the number of buy ins you should have in order to play within your bankroll for NL Holdem, Limit Holdem and sit 'n go tournaments.

  • 20 buyins for NL Holdem.
  • 300 big blinds for Limit Holdem.
  • 40 buyins for Sit'n go Tournaments.
  • "What is bankroll management?"

    Bankroll management is playing at certain limits in order to preserve your bankroll and avoid losing the whole thing due to bad runs of cards, all players should expect this variance from time to time. Basically, it's just playing within your bankroll, if you play with less buy ins than mentioned above, you are playing out of your bankroll.

    "Why is bankroll management important?"

    The reason you should always play within your bankroll in poker is because of variance. Variance is a term used to describe the "ups and downs" of poker where you fluctuate between good and bad runs of cards, resulting in varying profits and losses.

    If you play poker for long enough there will be times where you will consistently lose money, not because you are playing badly, but because of a bad run of cards. If you don't keep enough buy ins in your bankroll to absorb big downswings, you are likely to lose the whole thing.

    Every player, no matter what their ability, will experience variance in their game. This is why good bankroll management skills are crucial in allowing you to continue playing without going broke due to variance.

    Therefore every time we sit down at the poker table, we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to make the most profit, while keeping the risk of losing your entire bankroll to a minimum. That pretty much sums up the importance of bankroll management.

    "So what limits should I be playing at?"

    Cash games.

    If you are playing pot limit or no limit poker, the recommended size of your bankroll is 20 times the maximum buy-in of the stakes you want to play. A good example would be, if you want to have the best chance of making money at a $.10/$.25 game where the maximum buy in is $25, you should have a bankroll of at least $500.

    Another way of looking at it would be having no more than 5% of your entire bankroll on the table a time. Which is the same as having 20 buy ins for that game.

    The number of buy ins for limit Holdem however, is 300 Big Bets as a minimum for the limit you wish to play at. Therefore to play $.10/$.25 limit Holdem, you would only need a bankroll of $600 instead.

    Tournament games.

    It is recommended that you have a bankroll that will give you 40 buy ins to the level of tournaments that you wish to play at. A good example would be, if you wanted to play a $100+$9 Sit 'n Go you should have a bankroll of at least $4,360.

    BankRoll Management Table
    NL Holdem
    Limit Holdem
    Sit 'n Goes
    Blinds and Bankroll
    Blinds and Bankroll
    Blinds and Bankroll

    BankRoll Management Overview
    Always playing within your bankroll is crucial to becoming a winning poker player. If you don't exercise good bankroll management skills it is very likely that you will go broke over and over and find yourself making more deposits than withdrawals.

    So always keep these numbers in mind when your getting ready to buy in at the tables.

  • 20 buyins for NL Holdem.
  • 300 big blinds for Limit Holdem.
  • 40 buyins for Sit'n go Tournaments.
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