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Best 7 Card Stud Starting Hands

Best 7 Card Stud Starting Hands

Your 7 card stud poker starting hand is a crucial aspect in the game. It is this hand that you will use to determine whether you should play it or give up your ante. If your hand is not featured in typical 7 card stud starting hand collection lists, it is best to not use it in an ante. As antes are quite inexpensive, you can opt to play others even if you hold a weak hand. Here are a few hands that you can play effectively at the third street in 7 card stud:

Three of a Kind (Rolled-Up) Ė 7 Card Stud Starting Hand

Three of a kind (rolled-up) is the hand you are dealt with at the outset of the game. It has a high probability of winning even without improvement at any of the streets. With this hand, it is best to slow play till you reach the turn or the river, as the chances of the bets doubling by then are very high. If other players have limped to the post along with you, it is best to wait for them to raise and re-raise till these streets. However, ensure that too many players donít accompany you to the turn or river, as there is a probability of them drawing hands and making a straight or flush. In such a situation, your three of a kind (rolled-up) may not win.

Top Pair - 7 Card Stud Starting Hand

Your top pair will have a pair of ten or better. When your hand has this, it is best to bet or even raise such that other players are forced out early on. Avoid slow playing them, as the probability of this encouraging other players to limp along can be high. This will also raise the chances of one of them hitting a 2 pair or better at one of the streets. If you determine that your pair is the second best in the game, you should ideally fold. One of the best situations to be in with a top pair is to be against an opponent with a draw hand when you have a hand with two aces. Here, the odds of you winning the game are very high.

Three to a Flush - 7 Card Stud Starting Hand

When you are dealt a three to a flush, keep in mind that it has the potential to win. However, as it is a draw hand, it will need improvement for it. With this hand, you should consider two aspects before you determine whether your three to a flush is strong. First aspect is the high card that has been dealt to you. If you have a 3, 10 or Ace of hearts, your flush draw is good. If you hit a draw, the possibility of another player having an Ace high flush is extremely low. In addition, you can pair the high card Ace to win, even if you donít hit your flush.

The second aspect that determines whether your flush draw is strong is the number of cards of your suite the opponents holds. So, if your opponentís hand has your strong suite by the third street, the odds of you making a flush are low. In such a situation, if your opponent raises, it is best to fold.

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